So, this was unexpected… :) I am super excited to have just received an Honourable Mention from Fearless Photographers (an organisation of the best wedding photographers in the world) in the latest award collection for the photo below. 15,000 photos from around the world were entered in this round, out of which 89 were awarded, and 79 received an honourable mention, which includes the photo below. That’s less than 1% out of the worlds best!

It’s a huge privilege that both my wife and I are the only wedding photography duo in Cornwall, Devon and the South West to have been recognised by Fearless. Here’s a little bit about her Fearless award she received last year.

Here is a link to the photos, including mine (4th in the first row): Collection 35 Honourable Mentions.

This is one of my favourite photos from last year. It was taken at Marie and Mike’s wedding at the beautiful Endsleigh House in Devon. Marie is from Germany, and it just happened that on her wedding day there was an important football match in the Euro quarter-final: Germany vs Italy :) Marie and Mike decided to embrace this, and in between the evening celebrations, they provided a screen for the guests that wanted to watch the match. Now, I’m sure you’ll guess from the photo that a lot of the guests were from Germany, and this is the moment of excitement when Germany beat Italy on penalties.

It just shows, weddings are all different, and no matter how much you plan, there will always be surprises, and like Marie and Mike, it’s important to embrace them and enjoy the day :) Huge thanks to Marie and Mike for being so awesome, and entrusting us with documenting their day!

You can view more photos from their Hotel Endsleigh wedding here.

Fearless award winning wedding photography Cornwall