I am absolutely excited to find out that I have won a Fearless Award in the latest Fearless Photographers collection! Totally unexpected, especially as I received an Honourable Mention in the previous collection of award winning images worldwide.

The image below that won, was taken at the lovely Naomi and David’s wedding at Carlyon Bay Hotel in Cornwall, shortly after the ceremony. We photograph all weddings naturally, striving to capture moments like this. It was a split second click of the shutter capturing both flower girls with mimicking body positions – one embracing the bride, and the other smelling the bouquet. It is such a sweet moment – and I’m privileged to have been there to capture it. This photo was taken with a Nikon D750, 24-70mm lens at @f2.8.

I am over the moon, incredibly lucky and grateful. Thank you Naomi & David for trusting us to document your day!! xx

My wife and I are now officially the only Cornwall husband and wife team that have both won a Fearless Award. You can read about her Fearless award winning photo here.

Fearless awards are increasingly and notoriously more difficult to win – this image is one of 82 winners, out of 10,000 entries worldwide. Huge thanks to Fearless, and to our couples who continue to put their faith in us. You can see the full collection of award winning wedding photos here.

Fearless award winning wedding photographer Cornwall