We have just received this great review/feature about our wedding photography on The Wedding Secret! Here are some of the lovely words they said about us, including a screenshot of the feature below:

“The Keith Riley Photography portfolio is genuinely exciting to talk about. This beautiful and vibrant spectrum of colour showcases a series of individual moments in time, presenting an innovative ‘take’ on fine art; always timeless, always awe-inspiring.”

“Each photograph demonstrates thoughtful and detailed composition, culminating in the moment of the shutter clicking, supported by apt and visually pleasing use of post-wedding image-tweaking. By taking certain elements and filters that you may recognise from vintage-style wedding photography, but combining and applying them in a modern yet ‘gimmick-free’ manner, Keith Riley is able to fashion some of the most timeless stills we’ve ever seen.”

“Add to this Keith and Neda’s shared penchant for capturing their subjects’ personalities, portraying the wide kaleidoscope of ‘motions and emotions’ that appear unbidden over the course of a typical wedding day, and their priceless ability to create the impression of ‘sunny’ (even if it’s not!) conditions through canny yet subtle use of external lighting.”

“Keith regularly photographs weddings in the Cornwall and Devon region, sometimes travelling further afield to the rest of the UK, and even abroad!…To these photographers, each and every wedding is a unique, different and wonderful experience, and the service they provide is sensitively tailored to reflect the personalities of the individual couple.”


The Wedding Secret